Adam Kaczmarek
Certification Manager / Regional Marketing for "EE MSA Auer GmbH"

The "MSA Auer GmbH" Company (Germany) has been manufacturing personal protective equipment and has been working on the market of the Republic of Kazakhstan for about 10 years (QS remark: letter dated in 20015), and represents the interests of the MSA concern with manufacturing companies in Germany, France, USA, Sweden and other countries. And all these years we have been cooperating personally with you, and order the certification of our company's products. Despite the geographical distances between our companies, we closely and fruitfully cooperate with you. A high professional level of yours and your specialists is commendable. Efficiency in the performance of work. Professional ethics and correctness are inherent to all your employees. We express our appreciation and gratitude for the high level of service.

"TF "Azhar" LLP Director

"TF "Azhar" LLP operates in the Kazakhstan market for the production of garments and actively participates in government procurement. It`s very important for our enterprise to be competitive, to meet consumers` requirements and to produce high quality products. In accordance with the legislation in the field of origin of goods, prior to obtaining a certificate of origin, an examination is required in order to determine the status of origin of our products. During its activities, our company has gone through different stages of obtaining an act of examination of the origin of goods. We also worked with the "Zhetysu Expertizing" LLP (at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry), "CTRM" LLP and "QS Azia Sertik" LLP. And in the end we`ve chosen "QS Azia Sertik" LLP as since over the years of cooperation the company has confirmed its high professionalism, competence, mobility and activity in tasks solving. In this regard, we certify products, and since 2007 we have been conducting recertification of management systems with "QS Azia Sertik" LLP. "TF "Azhar" LLP thanks "QS Azia Sertik" LLP for successful cooperation and recommends them to everyone as a reliable and flawless partner. The competitive environment did helped us to find an organization that suits us today according to all our requirements.

S. Sushko
"Volkovgeology" JSC General Director

The "QS Azia Sertik" LLP carried out work to confirm compliance with the quality management system at "Volkovgeology" JSC. The works were performed in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001. During these works the "QS Azia Sertik" LLP certification body proved to be a highly professional organization with the availability of qualified personnel who efficiently and qualified solve the tasks, the weaknesses and strengths of the Customer were considered during audit. We want to note that the work was performed with proper quality. We look forward to further cooperation with "QS Azia Sertik" LLP to implement our further plans for the implementation of other management systems.

M. Aubakirov
«Kazakhmys Smeltin" LLP Director

The "QS Azia Sertik" LLP certification body carried out certification works in the field of quality management system in "Kazakhmys Smelting" LLP. In the course of their activities the company's expertizing auditors have confirmed their high professional status and efficiency in conducting the audit. Also the experts showed a well-coordinated teamwork considering all our “narrow” places in the quality management system. We thank the team of expertizing auditors of "QS Azia Sertik" LLP for the individual approach in working, the courtesy and competence shown in carrying out the certification of the quality management system, and we hope for many years of cooperation.

Deputy Chairman of the Board in "HABAR" AGENCY" JSC

"Khabar" Agency" JSC has successfully passed the procedure of the quality management system compliance confirming in accordance with the requirements of the ST RK ISO 9001-2009 standard (“Quality Management System. Requirements”), which was conducted by expertizing auditors of the “QS Azia Sertik” LLP confirming assessment authority. The success of the external audit was ensured by a competent approach to its conduct, a competent selection of technical expert, and a correct attitude towards the audited managers. Despite the very impressive amount of work the expertizing auditors of the “QS Azia Sertik” LLP confirming assessment authority coped with the tasks in a worthy and timely manner, the specific language of the standard was presented in an understandable language. We also want to note the diplomacy, openness, observation, flexibility and all the other personal qualities of expertizing auditors of the body whose presence undoubtedly created the conditions for full compliance with the principles of the audit. We express our appreciation to them for the operational and quality work.

V. Kim

We express our gratitude for providing a high level of services to you personally and to your specialists! During carrying out work on the confirmation of complience of products that our company supplies to the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan, your company has shown operability and specialists have shown competence. It is always a pleasure to have a business relationship with your company. Let success and fortune in your business not leave your company.


Conformity assessment authority

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