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«QS Azia SertikВ» LLP is registered as a legal entity of the Republic of Kazakhstan and operates in accordance with its Charter. Conformity Assessment Instituition «QS Azia Sertik» LLP (hereinafter CAA «QS Azia Sertik» LLP) is a young, growing and dynamic organization that provides services in the field of certification of management systems, products and expertise of origin with Management System Accreditation Certificate KZ.O.00.0305 and Product accreditation certificate KZ.O.02.0802.

«QS Azia Sertik» LLP is one of the first bodies for management systems certification, which has successfully passed accreditation in the state system of technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan for the standard ST RK ISO / IEC 17021-2012 Conformity Assessment. Requirements for bodies providing audit and certification of management systems.

In accordance with the implementation of the state policy in the field of rational and efficient use of energy, our company was among the first which introduced the certification to the energy management system.

Accredited Test Center, which includes laboratories for testing of construction, manufacturing, and food products, electrical, electronic and cable products acts as a part of «QS Azia Sertik» LLP. The test center is equipped with verified modern testing equipment.

The company employs qualified and competent specialists with scientific degrees and titles of expert and auditor in different fields who have long-term experience in the state system of technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

«QS Azia Sertik» LLP cooperated with "DQS Certification KZ" LLP - the official representative of the international certification body «DQS Holding GmbH» in Kazakhstan. This coopertion gives possibility to organize the certification of management systems at the international level.

In addition to the certification of «QS Azia Sertik» LLP conducts training seminars, workshops, assists in conducting of internal audits as the second party.

We are actively participating in the policy of our country by examining the materials in the field of quality assurance; by participating in the elaboration of regulations and submitting proposals and comments to the draft regulations and standards.

In order to ensure public health security «QS Azia Sertik» LLP is currently working on developing of new methods for the determination of harmful substances in food products through the introduction and implementation of new standards.

The company «QS Azia Sertik» provides services not only in Kazakhstan, but also for foreign companies and organizations from CIS and far abroad.


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