Product certification

The general objective of certification is to assure all parties concerned that the products meet the specified requirements. A document obtained after the certification guaranties that the product is high-quality, safe for life, environment, property, and that the consumer is secured against unfair manufacturers. Secondly, the certification allows creating unified activity conditions in the commodity market of Kazakhstan for the various companies and organizations. Thirdly, it is worth to be mentioned that only certified products can be subject for the international trade.

Product certification is carried out upon an application submitted by the applicant in accordance with the legal requirements, technical and metrology regulations of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the international agreements in the field of activity.

After the application and enclosed documents are considered, the authority decides whether to start or refuse the certification procedure.

The conformity assessment procedure is carried out according to the certification scheme selected by applicant. Typical certification schemes can be found here (download).

Serial products as well as batch of produce (lot) can be certified. All stages of product certification process carried out by authority can be found here(download the block diagram).

The applicant is to make a legal deal such as to sign a certification services contract. Terms of the contract contain the requirements of legislation in the field of technical regulation and stipulate the responsibility of the conformity assessment authority (CAA) and that of the applicant, and include the adherence to the principles of impartiality, confidentiality and CAA competence in providing such services. All the conditions of evaluation works, including the case of refusal to issue a certificate of conformity or its cancellation are taken in consideration. Moreover, if the applicant does not agree with the results of the evaluation, or in other case, the applicant has the right to file a complaint or appeal to the conformity assessment authority, which will be considered by the Governing Board of our company.


Conformity assessment authority

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