Quality Management System Certification (ISO 9001)

Management Systems Certification proves your commitments to meet consumers’ demands and achieve the required level of quality of provided services or manufactured products. The situation when an organization is confident that it can provide the required quality is a necessary precondition for the successful modern business activities. The quality of processes and the results of activities is an important, if not to say the major factor in the competitiveness of the company.

The purpose of “The process of evaluation of the management system” is the planning, execution and presentation to the Customer of the end product (certificate of conformity), which meets his requirements and the standards of ST RK ISO / IEC 17021, ST RK ISO 9001, ST RK ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001 ST RK, ST RK ISO 50001, ST RK ST RK 3.15.1 and 3.15.2 of ST RK as well as is produced in conformity with approved regulations.

The management systems conformity assessment procedure has two stages.

1 stage:
The management systems conformity assessment procedure starts upon the application of the company(download the application form).

For a preliminary assessment of management systems together with application the following documents are to be sent to the conformity assessment institution:

Conformity Assessment Institution after considering the applications decides whether to start or reject the management systems certification procedure.

In case of positive decision, the conformity assessment institution concludes the contract with the applicant, then develops and negotiates with the applicant the program and plan of the three-year certification cycle.

The documentation on management systems of the company is analyzed.

Analyze finalizes by the issued Opinion, which is to contain observations and the decision to hold the audit of management systems “at the location”.

2 stage:

The program and plan of the audit “at the location” are developed and negotiated. After the audit “at the location” a report on the results of the audit is prepared and the Authority decides to issue the certificate of compliance of management system. Conformity assessment body draws up a certificate of conformity of a standard form. The certificate is to be registered in the State Register. The certificate of compliance of management system is valid through three years (36 months).

The conformity assessment procedure is carried out according to the management system flowchart(download).

In accordance with the requirements of the State system of technical regulation of the Republic of Kazakhstan and regulations the Authority shell carry out an annual inspection audit of the certified management system.

The cost of services for certification of management systems depends on the number of staff of the applicant, the scope of certification, organizational structure, activities, and other factors.


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