Commodities origination expertise by country

Our company provides the expertise to determine the country of origin for the purpose of obtaining the certificate of origin following forms:

1) Certificate form “ST-1” – for goods exported from the Republic of Kazakhstan to the countries of the Commonwealth of Independent States;

2) The certificate form “ST-2” – for goods exported from the Republic of Kazakhstan to the countries which are the party of free trade agreement with Kazakhstan excluding CIS;

3) The certificate form “A” – for goods exported to the member states of the European Community and to the United States, Canada, Japan, Turkey, Australia, New Zealand, Switzerland and Liechtenstein, Norway under the Generalized System of Preferences;

4) Certificate form “Original” – in English or Russian (defined by applicant) for goods exported to countries that are not listed in sub-paragraphs 1), 2) and 3) of this paragraph.

5) Certificate form CT KZ – for internal circulation in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Expertise of origin of goods is carried out in accordance with the Rules of origination for goods, issuing a certificate of origin of goods and its cancellation, approved by the Order of the Acting Minister of Investment and Development of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated February 24, 2015 № 155 (download), hereinafter “the Rules”. The procedure is held by an expert-auditor on identifying the country of origin of goods within twenty-four hours from the time of submitting and registration of the application with a complete package of documents confirming the origin of the goods. The expertise is carried out on a contractual basis upon the application and documents submitted by the applicant in accordance with the lists:
— For the export transaction(Download Application Form SPT eksport.doc);
— For internal circulation (download application KZ.doc CT).

Examination of origin includes:
1) examination of documents confirming the origin of the goods, according to the Rules;
2) the identification of goods externally and by marking (name, type, package, class, the manufacturer) includes trip to the place of production;
3) examination of the technological process of production of goods in order to establish a criteria of sufficient processing of goods, and determine the added value of the goods;
4) the calculation of the proportion of local content by the formula according to this Regulation.

After issuing of the examination act, the applicant shall submit the documents to the Regional Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan for the claimed certificate of origin.


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